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DateDescriptionPerson(s)Hardware GroupAction performedAttachmentEditSiteTask(?)
2023-05-23 Connections Mt. Kent disappeared Frank Grundahl All It was expected that local internet on Mt. Kent had disappeared. However it was in Aarhus due to IT maintenance. The FUT dome was closed by me as the interface did not work after connection re-appeared. SONG continued observing although some of the status display plots were missing. None Edit MtKent
2023-05-23 Slony did not replicate the tel_dome table to Aarhus (central). This made the FUT unusable with no status updates. Mads software Stopped slony and checked no database actions was hanging on the mtkent side. Started slony again but it did not help. Solution given in the dedicated task. None Edit MtKent 173
2023-05-03 The FUT dome would not close using web interface Frank, Mads FUT dome Logged in as obs on hw and issued > d3 reset - this fixed the issue. None Edit MtKent
2023-04-19 Electrical testing on site tomorrow - shut down of equipment prior Mads All Shutting down sensitive powered equipment until electrical testing is done. None Edit MtKent 172
2023-04-11 Boltwood data not updated since 22:45 local time yesterday. Mads Weather station None Edit MtKent
2023-03-30 Door open in Dome 1? Mads Telescope 1 It looks like the door in Dome 1 is slightly open. I might be wrong. Show Edit MtKent 171
2023-03-19 FUT commands from the web interface does not get propogated to MtKent Mads FUT Had to reboot central because it was not responding... Afterwards some slony commands at MtKent was causing problems and needed to be terminated before slony could be restarted. None Edit MtKent 169
2023-03-15 PWI2 cannot run on tel-com for Telescope 2 - access denied error on screen Mads Telescope 2 Tried to investigate. Some folder permission problem. Rebooted the PC to see if it was some miss match in user restrictions. Tried to reinstall PWI2. Nothing worked. Error message attached. Show Edit MtKent 168
2023-03-14 The mircowave link to Mt Kent is down. Jack Soutter Mircowave link The company that services the mircowave link will be repairing the system tomorrow morning. None Edit MtKent 167
2023-03-10 Boltwood data is not updated/provided Mads Weather station None Edit MtKent 166
2023-03-07 T1 tel-com was rebooted and waiting for user input to finish boot Mads Telescope 1 Pressed "Ok" using remote desktop and the machine finished booting. None Edit MtKent
2023-03-07 T2 did not report back to have reached its park position Mads Telescope 2 From PWI2 it looked like it was oscillating around the park position. Used remote desktop to move it park which made the hickup stop. None Edit MtKent
2023-03-06 Focuser was not connected Mads Telescope The PWI3 software was not running. Stopped ASCOM remote (Alpaca), started PWI3 and restarted ASCOM remote. None Edit MtKent
2023-03-04 T2 stopped moving and could not be moved in altitude. An error was shown in PWI2. See attachment Mads Telescope 2 Tried to reset the motors which did not help. Tried to restart PWI4 and reset motor controllers which did not help. Tried to power cycle the PlaneWave telescope box and restrat PWI2 which worked! Afterwards it was possible to home the telescope and park. Show Edit MtKent
2023-02-28 No connection to the FUT site. Mads, Rasmus FUT We cannot connect to any hardware inside the FUT dome. Is power gone? or network connection gone? Fibre and/or switch issue. None Edit MtKent 165
2023-02-20 IO on server very slow and builds up over time. Affects both SONG and FUT Mads, Rasmus Server Re-configuration of filesystem. Change from Btrfs to ext4 for the part running the virtual machines and database. None Edit MtKent 163
2023-02-03 Davis weather station data updates only sporadicly with to to an hour between new data Mads weather station None Edit MtKent 162
2023-01-13 Iodine cell not heated Mads Spectrograph Enabled it manually. It was not heated since the power cut on December 5th 2022 None Edit MtKent
2023-01-06 T1 did not finish homing Mads Telescope 1 Checked PWI2 using remote desktop. An error: - Azm Error 29586 Feedback level too low - was shown in PWI2. Could not move the telescope so power cycled it using the PDU in dome 1 and outlet 3. After power cycle PWI2 showed a new error: - Alt Error 33072 FBI Timeout - Tried to power cycle again with PWI2 closed meanwhile. Did not help. Same error afterwards. Need on-site support. None Edit MtKent 156
2023-01-03 No connection to SONG Tel-Com 2. Mads Telescope 2 Power cycled the PC using the PDU. It then booted. Afterwards an issue with starting PWI2: System.UnauthorizedAccessException -> I opened Task Manager and killed a PlaneWave program running. Afterwards I started PWI2 normally. None Edit MtKent
2022-12-06 Entered domes to reset dome control panel after electrical tests Jack Soutter Dome The dome control panels need to be reset after a power outage. I entered the domes to reset them. None Edit MtKent
2022-12-06 Entered dome to reset dome control panel after electrical tests Jack Soutter Dome The dome control panels need to be reset after a power outage. I entered the dome to reset them. None Edit MtKent
2022-12-06 The fibre connection to dome 2 was lost. Jack Soutter Telescope Disconnected and reconnected the fibre connection at the server port None Edit MtKent
2022-12-06 Fibre connection to the FUT dome was lost Jack Soutter All Power cycled the switch in the communications box in the dome. This resolved the issue. None Edit MtKent