Side ports

#1: Closed
#2: Closed
#3: Closed
#4: Open
#5: Closed
#6: Closed
#7: Closed
Temperature: 9.80 °C
Humidity: 19.60 %
Wind speed: 3.10 m/s
Rain: No
Clouds: Clear
Dust: 0.0007
Wind dir: 192 °N
Altitude of Sun:36.6°
Last SkyCam image: 2017-03-28 06:28:16
SkyCam stars: 326
SkyCam RA: 13:16:46
SkyCam DEC: 09:25:29
Seeing: 1.34508"
Next sunset: 19:22 UTC
Next sunrize: 06:59 UTC
Time since bad weather:02:20:43 D:H:M
Power state: Off
Dome state: Closed
Mirror cover: Closed
Motion state: Stopped
M1 temperature: 4.89°C
M2 temperature: 11.39°C
M3 temperature: 8.28°C
Telescope altitude: 74.81°
Telescope azimuth: 91.07°N
Dome azimuth: 90.1°N
Telescope focus: 0 mm
Instrument: Spectrograph
Light source: Flat field
Flat field lamp: Off
Slit: 25 μM (#8)
Iodine cell in beam: Yes
Filter: Free
Spectrograph focus: 184983
Beam selector: Beamsplitter
ADC state: Off
Last observation ended at: 2017-03-28 06:34:32
Object: GJ504
Request number: 18254
Mode: Iodine
Number of spectres:1
Exposure time: 600s

Last spectrum: daily_dark_2.fits
Acquired at: 2017-03-28 07:42:17