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2018-01-20 Spectrograph heating unstable - see attached plot for the last 7 days Frank, Eric Spectrograph temperature control several restarts by Eric... but not fully stable... not sure what is wrong. Show Edit
2018-01-20 Target does not hit the slit-center (slit 6) Frank Spectrograph Changed sigu guide_target (yvalue from 253 to 245) None Edit
2018-01-20 Stopped the Conductor Frank Science operations of the telescope The conductor is stopped because blind pointing is not functional due to the broken GPS. None Edit
2018-01-18 GPS is broken - several tests by Santiago and Michael, showed the unit to be broken. Frank, Pere, Santiago, Michael Ruder GPS A new unit is being configured by TauTec, can probably be sent around 20180123 and installed by observatory staff. None Edit
2018-01-16 2-3 power failures between 20180116 and 20180118 - caused all systems to stop Frank, Eric, Pere, Santiago All, recovery was slow - Manuals urgently need updating before next holiday season. Major problem with the slit guider, the computer would not detect it. MANY attempts of pluggin/unplugging did not work, until moving to another computer and then back..... Seems the USB drives for the solar experiment somehow did not allow the guide camera to be detected. .... a more robust process/method must be established. None Edit
2018-01-11 Reset switch webcams & adjut position Antonio, Pere None Reset switches for webcams in Cielo Nocturno & container. Adjusted position of the container webcam to better see display of Cells PS None Edit
2018-01-11 Re-installed Calibration Unit for BlueSpec Antonio, Pere, Nicholas None Re-installed Caibration Unit None Edit
2018-01-04 None of the SONG webpages worked during the day Frank Webserver 'destroyed' srf on sscentral, and restarted it. This worked. None Edit
2018-01-01 Monitor did not prevent observations on 2017-12-31 (as expected). Frank Computers/Monitor All looked in good order - but since there is no staff the telescope was stopped (OR = 27470), closed and shutdown. The monitor will be re-started on 2018-01-02, after noon. None Edit
2017-12-26 Reboot of the slit guider after failure reported by Mads on 2017-12-23 Frak, Santiago Slit guider Santiago disconnected and then re-connected the USB3 cable and power cable for the slit guider. After this things worked as normal during the night. None Edit
2017-12-23 Slit guider problem... gets stuck on sstenerife... Mads Guiders The slit guider daemon running on sstenerife was hanging. None Edit
2017-12-21 Conductor crashed early in the night Mads All Restarted the conductor on song.sscentral.prv. It had crashed because the database had problems None Edit
2017-12-17 Dome offset Mads Dome The dome was off by too much and vignetted half of the pupil. The controller was power cycled. None Edit
2017-12-17 Not observing from 1 to 5 UTC. Mads Telescope The wind was above 10 m/s from east and the telescope would not open up into the wind. None Edit
2017-11-30 Power failures on site Mads Telescope 2 short power failures happened during night. Those made the tcs software hang and the monitor could not connect. An panic-message about running on UPS was not cleared. Doing it through AsTelOS worked. None Edit
2017-11-15 Calibrations lamps were on while observing Mads Spectrograph Updates to the obsering scripts left the calibration lamps turned on for a few of the first spectres this night. Might cause scatterd lidt in science frames. None Edit
2017-11-06 Disk failure on the astelco machine Mads Telescope A disk needs to be changed... One of our spare SATA drives (2TB) is usable. The disks in the Astelco machine needs to be removed with a key... None Edit
2017-11-06 Replaced the failing disk Mads, Roman (from OT) Telescope The failing disk was replaced with one 2TB SATA drive which we had as a spare on the shelf in the container. All working again. None Edit
2017-10-15 Ny pointing model Mads Spectrograph Used 65 targets and made a new PM with RMS= 1.35 arcseconds. None Edit
2017-10-10 Calibrations started while pst was open Mads Spectrograph Stopped on going script (slit 5) and started manually afterwards. Some bad spectre is most likely acquired None Edit
2017-10-10 Pupil was misaligned Mads and Anton Coude Adjusted M5 to center the pupil better Show Edit
2017-10-07 The star was a bit above the slit. Mads Spectrograph Changed sigu guide target for slit 6 to 350 286 (6 pixels down in y) None Edit
2017-10-05 TC200 heat controller for test-iodine position is now remotely controllable. Mads Spectrograph The heat controller is connected through usb to the blue spectrograph hp machine. From this command can be send. None Edit
2017-10-04 M7 tip-tilt mirror with piezo installed again Mads Spectrograph Removed stationary M7 and inserted old M7 mounted on the piezo unit. Cables connected and all seemed fine. Only piezo and mirror is rotated 180 degrees from original installation. This is fixed in software. None Edit
2017-10-03 Test of blue spectrograph from 21 utc and one hour Mads and Nicholas Blue spectrograph Spectrum of theta cyg and crontrol None Edit
2017-09-29 Error 40 for OR 23954 Frank Human Brain Fart Astelos was running and I accidentally pushed a wrong button while switching windows on my computer - the telescope moved away from target.... None Edit
2017-09-28 The dust monitor was not enabled Frank Dust-sensor Re-enabled the dust-server, since Stella is up again.. None Edit
2017-09-27 Acquisition failed for HD185144, possibly also V624 Her Frank Telescope Stop or_scheduler, used astelos and found an offset for HD185144 to be (az,alt) = 0-0-16.52 and 0-0-2 ... added these during acquisiton... this worked. None Edit
2017-09-25 Washing M1 and M3 IAC's Instrum/ Maintenance team Telescope Whashed on-site M1 and M3 following the standard procedure that the Maintenance Team is using None Edit
2017-09-25 Stellas dust sensor stopped working Frank Dust-sensor Stopped the dust sensor as the weather looks non-dusty. None Edit
2017-09-14 At around 6 UTC in the morning of the 15th the wire for the lower hatch of the dome broke and the dome lower hatch could not close. Mads Dome Called the OT night operator who confirmed the broken wire. There were a thunderstorm meanwhile. The OT maintenance team would find a wire to replace the broken one. Show Edit
2017-09-13 Telescope could not clear errors --- emergency buttons pressed.. Frank Telescope and dome took screenshot (attached). Cleared errors after a while... stopped monitor, closed dome with astelos. started monitor. thinks seem to start again. Show Edit
2017-09-12 The slit guided continued to run off. Maybe a piezo controller problem. Mads Guiders Stopped the slit guider None Edit
2017-09-12 Problem with guiders seems to be a setting in the TSI "problem" Mads Telescope This can be fixed.... None Edit
2017-09-12 The telescope offsets were above 500 arcseconds in both directions and telescope focus above 5. Seems the guider had gone wild Mads Guiders Set az, zd offsets to zero and the focus to 2.7. None Edit
2017-09-09 Dome was highly offset in the following morning at shutdown. Reporting aligned with telescope Mads Dome Medium high wind this night. Power cycled dome controller Show Edit
2017-09-07 At 20:30 utc the dome was rotating endlessly Mads Dome Power cycled the dome controller None Edit
2017-09-06 At around 4 UTC the TSI reportet power errors with the telescope which could not be cleared Mads Telescope The error said "DC voltage too high" and "I2t power too large". I managed to close the dome and power off and left it like that. An effect of the OT maintenance work on the power line yesterday? None Edit
2017-09-06 Stella dust sensor not working after scheduled power failures Mads weather station normal work around. Stopped dust reader restartet weather station software which then sets dust values to zero. No dust on web cams. None Edit
2017-09-04 Central was down Mads Servers Rebooted central (virtual machine running in Aarhus and running the central database) None Edit
2017-08-31 In the moning the conducter did not insert beacuase of database problems Mads Servers Fixed some things in the code and elsewhere which made it work again None Edit
2017-08-29 At UT~00:25 discovered that the telescope was tracking but far out of focus (1.99mm), OR req = 22991 Frank Spectrograph Added 0.8mm to the telescope focus offset in Astelos - This cured the problem and full pupil illumination and guiding proceeded as normal. None Edit
2017-08-18 Telescope did not want to move from 04:40 to around 6:00 UTC Mads Telescope Nothing None Edit
2017-08-16 Dome not aligned with telescope - Noticed at UT~2130 Frank Dome Powercycled the dome and cleared errors in Astelos. this worked for the next target. None Edit
2017-08-16 Telescope powered itself off.... ? After the previous log entry, the next object (Arcturus) was observed. However after Arcturus the telescope again did not point out of the dome. Frank Telescope and dome stopped or_scheduler, monitor and tcs_comm. Parked and closed the telescope manually with astelos and rebooted the dome controller. Started tcs_comm, and monitor. this started everything again and found the first object None Edit
2017-08-15 Errors could not be cleared - Astelos reported Emergency buttons pressed for flap,slit,dome az Frank Checked that no one was in the dome and cleared the errors in Astelos. this worked. None Edit
2017-08-14 SkyCam-2 imaging Mads None Took some nice pictures - M16 and M51 None Edit
2017-08-10 Motor controller problem from 22 UTC Frank, Mads Spectrograph Not detected before the morning. Motor for slit was reporting -moving- constantly which caused all ORs to fail. None Edit
2017-07-17 Serious problem with Paul Butlers iodine cell. Cannot fit data after 4th August. Suspect cause is that the temperature controller is not running properly. Frank Iodine cell from Paul Butler Emailed Mads, Pere and René, stopped the observations for MuHer with Pauls cell, and let the Conductor deal with the rest of the night. None Edit
2017-05-05 Blue spec observations Christoffer Blue spectrograph test observations None Edit