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2020-05-25 Fuse for the secondary is blown Mads Telescope Closed manually. Fuse number (in the control cabinet is shown in the attached image) Show Edit
2020-05-15 Washed tertiary mirror Antonio P. tertiary mirror, Telescope Show Edit
2020-05-13 cleaning telescope structure and interior dome, cleaning the primary mirror with water (Pedro, Hugo, M.Istrumental) Antonio P. Telescope Mirror The telescope was positioned and a cover mirror sheet was removed, all in local mode. Show Edit
2020-05-11 GPS failure from 2 UTC (on the 12th) Mads Telescope The GPS was not providing the telescope control software a proper time and raised an error not seen before Show Edit
2020-05-09 Flux levels are at around 50% compared to last year of mu Her Mads and Frank Telescope Checked the SNR plots since last year and it is clear that there has been a large drop in the flux levels around the record high calima. The mirrors needs a proper clean...! Show Edit
2020-05-04 TEST Mads None Cleaned the list of recipients for this e-mail and added Peres g-mail as well. None Edit
2020-05-02 Visitors Manuel (operador Nocturno) AntonioP. , Manuel (operador Nocturno) Telescope, container and Dome. revision and cleaning of dust in container None Edit
2020-03-16 Potential ice on dome Mads Dome Keeping closed because of potential ice on the dome None Edit
2020-03-09 Short power failures causing problema Mads Telescope Cleared the errors from the telescope control software None Edit
2020-02-17 change power suply temperature control spectrograph Pere / Antonio P. Spectrograph spectrograph 1 power suply new None Edit
2020-02-14 High dust amounts Mads Telescope Closed down and stopped monitor None Edit
2020-01-07 Ice visible on weather station Mads Dome Keeping closed this night None Edit
2020-01-06 High humidity and below zero degrees. Mads Dome Possible ice on some. Monitor stopped None Edit
2019-12-17 Failing temperature control unit for spectrograph box Mads, Pere, Antonio Spectrograph The box would not heat up. Antonio found a faulty power supply. None Edit
2019-12-17 In the morning weather turned good after freezing and high humidity Mads, Pere, Miguel and Jonay Dome Dome was frosen in azimuth movements which caused trouble. The upper hatch opened up and would not close again. The local team helped out. None Edit
2019-11-12 Missing observations Mads, Pere None A possible bug turned out not to be a bug and the fix caused a bug... MAMMA MIA!!!! None Edit
2019-11-06 Running low on disk space Mads Servers Deleted data up until the 1st of November 2019 (raw and extrackted). Now 1.6 TB of free disk space. None Edit
2019-10-07 Power failures Mads Telescope Short power failures again. See attached events Show Edit
2019-10-05 Power failure Mads Telescope Yet another short power glitch. This time 7 seconds long. Only affecting the telescope and then the observations None Edit
2019-10-05 Network failure from 2:40 UTC Mads, Pere and Miguel All General network failure at the observatory. Miguel (maintenance) worked on it the whole next day. None Edit
2019-09-29 Power failure locally - short Mads Telescope Errors cleared in the TSI and tcs_comm_deamon and monitor restarted. None Edit
2019-09-20 Temperature box was not heating after power failure Mads Spectrograph Restarted the heating software after the power failure which did not work. Restarted the following day and then it worked. None Edit
2019-09-20 Power failure around telescope startup late afternoon Mads, Pere and Fernando All Pere called Fernando who checked inside the container. The relay of group - DIF 3 - was off. Fernando switched it on again and all seemed to go online again. Show Edit
2019-08-12 No targets acquired since 21 UTC. Mads All Nothing was observed after fibre obs. Maybe problem with motor 7. Closed down after no successful diagnostics during night. None Edit
2019-08-12 Failing motor number 7 at the pre slit table. Fibre tubes was blokking the coude path Mads, Miguel and Pere Spectrograph Miguel checked the electronics and found a blown fuse inside the DQ542MA Stepper Motor Driver which powers the stepper motor. No obvious idea on the cause of the blown fuse. Maybe overheated inside the box or short circuit inside the motor it self etc. Show Edit
2019-08-05 Lower hatch / flap on dome failed Mads Dome The lower part of the dome opening (flap/hatch) stopped moving in the middle of the closing procedure and failed to open or close afterwards. OT maintenance contacted - Miguel found the wire damaged. Replacement needed. Show Edit
2019-07-31 Pointing model starting to be too much off Mads Telescope Made a new one with about 50 stars and RMS of 1.02 arcseconds. Staying below 80 degrees in altitude to not include the bad area caused by the hexapod. None Edit
2019-07-17 Fuses switched off in the telescope cabinet: =012-1F1/2/3. =013-3F8. =013-11F6 Mads, Pere, Antonio Telescope and units in nasmyth Fuses switched off causing no power to the plugs at the telescope base feeding all components at the nasmyth. Antonio identified the problem to a failing power supply on the PC - luckycam1 None Edit
2019-06-28 Replacement ThAr lamp Antonio, Pere Spectrograph Removed used lamo and unstall a NEW (unused) one None Edit
2019-06-23 - Both limit switch active - error from the telescope Mads Telescope Performed: -> 1 SET SERVER.SYSTEM.REBOOT=1 <- trough telnet on the astelco machine to clear the error. Afterwards rotated M3 three times to exercise it a bit. Remember to power on, off and on again to make sure hexapod gets set correctly. None Edit
2019-06-22 Almost no observations the entire night... Mads None Fibre guider failing / hanging causing the script to never finish. None Edit
2019-06-17 No observations the whole night Mads servers Nameserver at sscentral not working and trinity.phys.au.dk (SODA database) was not resolved. A IP backup has now been inserted in the code for future similar problems. None Edit
2019-06-15 Open dome Pere , Antonio P. DME we put local mode to open "partial" dome in "OPEN doors day". At the end we left open dome and PUT REMOTE MODE. None Edit
2019-06-03 Tested the LI system - some problems and a -both limit switch active- event - From 21 to 23:30 UTC Mads Telescope and LI Rebooted the telescope control system through telnet to clear limit switch problem. Afterwards hexapod values were not set correctly. None Edit
2019-05-26 No observations were done because of software failure Mads None With the new fibre observations a module in a script was not loaded correctly because it was the monitor who started the scheduler and the monitor were not restarted since long ago. None Edit
2019-05-24 Fibre script testing from 21:30 to 23 UTC Mads None Tested a test script for automatic observations using the fibre None Edit
2019-05-17 Software startup missing after power failure Mads Servers slit guider was not started automatically and needed manual start on sstenerife as obs None Edit
2019-05-13 Visitors Mads and Frank None Susanne, Philip, Frank and Mads Show Edit
2019-05-13 Fibre unit installation continued Frank and Mads All Fibre unit in nasmyth and on PST adjusted and tested. Also tests on the blue spectrograph None Edit
2019-05-12 Fibre unit installation continued Frank and Mads All Installation of unit in nasmyth None Edit
2019-05-11 Fibre unit installation continued Frank and Mads All None Edit
2019-05-10 Installation of new fibre unit started Frank and Mads Spectrograph Unmounted parts of the PST and mounted the new motor slide for the fibre feeder. None Edit
2019-05-10 Visitors Mads, Frank, Pere, Sergio and Sylvain None Sergio Simón-Díaz, Pere Palle, Sylvain Bretton and Frank Grundahl Show Edit
2019-05-07 Software was failing at acquisition Mads Spectrograph The new pst module made for the new fibre-slide had to be corrected a bit and updated on sstenerife as well as hw for the slit guider. Problem solved after a while None Edit
2019-05-03 Problem pointing to objects above 80 degrees in altitude Mads, Peter Aniol and Michael Ruder Telescope Peter and Michael was on site and checked the telescope. They found the problem to be a defect leg og the hexapod. None Edit
2019-04-26 Running low on disk space on scratch Mads Servers Deletede skycam1 images on site after checking for backup on the server in Aarhus. Now 790 GB free disk space on scratch. None Edit
2019-04-17 Mechanical visit (only visual) in dome, and operation inspection is OK. Iginio, Dionicio, Antonio P. Dome None Edit
2019-04-14 Observing with eShel Nicholas Jannsen Telescope 3 targets was observed at around 02.50 - 04.10 UTC None Edit
2019-04-09 Focus was not adjusted correctly during night Mads and Frank Spectrograph Setting manually was working for a while but with time it got bad again. Will try to reset the guide camera. None Edit
2019-03-20 Visit profesor RockStar Eramus Project (denmark&Norwegian) https://www.narom.no/nyheter/rockstar-enhancing-stem-education-between-countries/ Antonio, Pere, Darwich and a group of then professors Telescope, Spectrogrs\aph Visit to container and dome None Edit