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2017-03-23 Observed occultation of star TYC-647-586-1, with lucky cams in conv. mode. there seem to be a ~5min. time offset in the red images, .... Frank Lucky Imaging None None Edit
2017-03-23 Dome and telescope was completely mis-aligned after observing Ceres occulation and starting spectroscopic observations. Frank Dome Rebooted the dome controller None Edit
2017-03-21 At 23:40 UTC an error about the active optics was raised and the telescope was shut down Mads Telescope Started Astelos to look at the problem. The error was then cleared when everything looked okay. Show Edit
2017-03-21 M3 - both limit switches active - problem Mads Telescope Skype message send to Michael Ruder and Astelco and Tau-Tec notified by e-mail. Error left unresolved for them to have a look before any action will be initiated. None Edit
2017-03-20 Focus somewhat off the correct value - clearly not in focus, two half circles as guide spots. Frank Telescope focus Used Astelos to increase focus by ~.15mm --> this caused the aufofocus routine to get the right focus. Perhpas the initial focus guess is a bit too low ? None Edit
2017-03-08 Database problem. Database had no more diskspace on central Mads, Eric Servers Eric added more diskspace on central in the morning the 9th. None Edit
2017-03-06 Stella Dust service seem to be stopped Frank Dust sensor Disabled the dust-server on HW and stop/started the weather station. Weather seem ok.. None Edit
2017-03-05 Water cooler for Andor CCD is clogged Mads, Antonio Spectrograph When leaving Mads noticed there were lime and minerals forming in the water cooler but did not have time to do anything. Antonio looked at it and confirmed that it was clogged. None Edit
2017-03-05 Telescope and dome misalignment and other problems Mads Telescope, dome and software It seems the CCC rebooted and the connection was re-established through the TSI. The dome was rotating infinetely and the cure was to power cycle the controller. This is now causing errors for the monitor which has to be handled in a new way, checked and verified. None Edit
2017-03-05 Seeing measured in the spectrograph seems too high Mads Telescope and spectrograph The mirrors should be CO2 cleaned as soon as possible to see if this has an effect. None Edit
2017-03-03 The new TSI (Telescope Software interface) reports two errors now when the dome controller is power cycled. Before it was just a warning. Mads Telescope and Dome This needs to be handled correctly by the monitor which will now send out an sms and shut down.... most likely a lot more things to come... None Edit
2017-03-03 Adjusted coude alignment Mads Spectrograph Moved PST physically again to adjust according to stellar light rather than calibrations. M7 was also adjusted (The pupil rotates with telescope AZ and the center of rotation was centered) None Edit
2017-03-03 Noticed the dome might jump tracks in the dome azimuth rotation when moveing far and the dome gains momentum. Mads, Tau-Tec Dome This is a cause for the misalingment of the dome when it moves around a lot. None Edit
2017-03-03 LI CCDs were aligned (already from the rough alignment on the 26th). Mads Lucky Imaging Center of field-rotation were determined and a 30 star pointing model were created with an RMS of 0.92" None Edit
2017-02-28 PST and M8 were adjusted to make M8 and the guider better in the range of M8 movements Mads Spectrograph M8 were shimmed and PST were physically moved a tiny bit None Edit
2017-02-28 Calibration light paths were adjusted to hit the slit when M8 was close to idle Mads Spectrograph The fibreholders for ThAr and Sun was adjusted to send the light very close to the slit when M8 in idle (sigu). None Edit
2017-02-27 Hand paddle for manual control of the telescope and dome was repaired Tau-Tec, Mads Telescope and dome All buttons and print-board was replaced. New location of the paddle is at the bottom of the stairs inside the concrete pier to prevent water to enter. Show Edit
2017-02-26 LI CCD alignment Mads Lucky Imaging The small metal things inside of the attachment on RED CCD was rotated 90 degrees which allowed more flexibility in the movement of the CCD. The CCd was moved about 1.5 mm. Show Edit
2017-02-26 Astelco and Tau-Tec arrived and will completely renew the software from there side Peter Aniol, Michael Ruder, Mario and Mads Telescope, Dome etc The two guys from Tau-Tec started the upgrade ríght after dinner. The scientific operation will be affected until they are finished and everything is verified and working again. None Edit
2017-02-25 Bad noise from motor-slide on pre slit table Mads Spectrograph The slide makes a loud bad noise going by a certain position. And the rollers were sticking out. The rollers were put back in and adjustments to the slide was made. Still making noise. Needs upgrade and/or new installation. Show Edit
2017-02-25 Installed new iodine cell in position 3 on the iodine slide Mads Spectrograph Cell from Butler was equipped with heating pads and put into the old holder from the Dummy Cell including isolation and afterwards heated to 60 degrees. Show Edit
2017-02-24 Dome was a bit offset Mads Dome Power cycled the dome controller which will align the dome at next startup. Show Edit
2017-02-18 Tested the conductor a bit around 21 UTC Mads None Aborted MuLeo to see what the conductor then desided to do... a few things was corrected in the code afterwards. None Edit
2017-02-14 BetaVir too close to the Moon - and MuLeo could not be acquired by the telescope Frank Telescope Determined the telescope offset manually to: (0,0)" .. offset was (35,10) was inserted a few nights earlier after mirror cover repair. Checked betavir, and the offset here was (0, 0) as well.... Inserted MuLeo until moon is >deg from BetaVir at 1am.... None Edit
2017-02-13 light was hitting right side of slit as well for slit 6 Mads Spectrograph sigu guide_target for slit 6 was changed to (350,274) which also seemed to cause vignetting None Edit
2017-02-13 light was hitting the very right side and edge of the slit. Mads Spectrograph sigu guide_target for slit 8 was changed to (350, 275). which caused vignetting though...? None Edit
2017-02-12 Monitor hangs, telescope could not turn on power Frank Telescope Tried several reboots of the main telescope cabinet - different error messages (over current, max homing retries...) Tried also stop/start of TSI a few times... power-on never more than 0.5 in status. None Edit
2017-02-09 Telescope only found first target... afterwards no objects were found... Frank, Mads Telescope Offsets from 25arcsec to 45arcsec in az and 10 in zd were seen... these were added to the obs script and stars were found automatically again None Edit
2017-02-09 One of the mirror covers were stuck and would not react to commands Mads Telescope Tau-Tec (Michael Ruder) and Antonio performed tests and suddently the mirror cover reacted to commands again and opened and closed correctly. Astelco was informed by Tau-Tec on the problems. None Edit
2017-02-08 One of the mirror covers were stuck and would not react to commands Mads Telescope Contacted Tau-Tec and Astelco and asked for help. None Edit
2017-02-08 Morning: Mirror covers did not close at shutdown Mads Telescope Tried to open-close-open-close a number of times but it did not help. Wrote Pere to ask for help. Show Edit
2017-02-06 Morning: Mirror covers did not close at shutdown Mads Telescope Thorugh AsTelOS I tried to open-close-open-close until it finally closed... None Edit
2017-01-31 Mirror covers did not open correctly Mads Telescope open-close-open-close... until they all finally opened None Edit
2017-01-18 Test of the blue spectrograph around 5 UTC Simon blue spectrograph None Edit
2017-01-10 Pointing model was off after moving M7 Mads Telescope Created a new Pointing model with 100 stars and a RMS of 6.61 arcseconds None Edit
2017-01-10 Dome was offset by a large amount but still reporting aligned with telescope Mads Dome Power cycled the dome controller Show Edit
2017-01-08 Adjustment of the FOV for LuckyCams Frank LuckyCam The Red camera was moved ~0.6mm to the left (looking towards M3). To have the camera facing upwards the Derotator 2 offset angle was set to 150deg in Astelos. Need to check the effec on the alignment with the VIS camera. None Edit
2017-01-06 Pupil was a bit of from optimum Frank, Mads Coude Moved M7 a bit to center the pupil... Attached image is the pupil after adjustment Show Edit
2017-01-03 Dome out of sync Rene Dome Restarted dome controller. Timeout error in AsTelOS when trying to move the telescope. Restarted telescope and everything worked again. None Edit
2017-01-02 Happy New Year Frank Restarted the monitor after NewYears break. None Edit
2016-12-31 New Year shutdown at OT Frank All Stopped the monitor and closed the side-ports. --- see you in 2017 ! Better weather please! None Edit
2016-12-28 Monitor reported -hanging-... Frank, Mads Slony Aborted or14490, restarted monitor and scheduler .... then things starged again... things was already running again. The monitor caught a glitch in the replication, which went back to normal after the message was sent out. None Edit
2016-12-26 Dust-server restarted Frank Weather Station Restarted the dust collection service None Edit
2016-12-22 Stella dust sensor stopped working Frank Weather station Disabled the dust limit from the monitor None Edit
2016-12-19 STELLAs dust sensor stopped working Mads Weather station Disabled the dust limit from the monitor.... None Edit
2016-12-14 Testing of the Blue Spectrograph from a bit before 01 UTC until 2 UTC. Simon Blue On site test... None Edit
2016-12-11 Dome was not aligned with telescope at daytime Mads Dome Power cycled dome controller which will initialize the dome at next power on Show Edit
2016-12-10 Dust sensor showed 0.0, but stella webpage was reporting values... and 'dust_server -t' did not exist as command. Frank Weather-station/dust monitor stopping/starting the weather station seemed to cure the problem..... None Edit
2016-12-08 STELLAs dust sensor stopped working Mads Weather station Disabled the dust limit... since no dust visible on web cams None Edit
2016-12-07 Testing of the Blue Spectrograph just after sunset and until 19 UTC Simon and Mads Blue spectrograph None Edit