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2019-06-28 Replacement ThAr lamp Antonio, Pere Spectrograph Removed used lamo and unstall a NEW (unused) one None Edit
2019-06-23 - Both limit switch active - error from the telescope Mads Telescope Performed: -> 1 SET SERVER.SYSTEM.REBOOT=1 <- trough telnet on the astelco machine to clear the error. Afterwards rotated M3 three times to exercise it a bit. Remember to power on, off and on again to make sure hexapod gets set correctly. None Edit
2019-06-22 Almost no observations the entire night... Mads None Fibre guider failing / hanging causing the script to never finish. None Edit
2019-06-17 No observations the whole night Mads servers Nameserver at sscentral not working and trinity.phys.au.dk (SODA database) was not resolved. A IP backup has now been inserted in the code for future similar problems. None Edit
2019-06-15 Open dome Pere , Antonio P. DME we put local mode to open "partial" dome in "OPEN doors day". At the end we left open dome and PUT REMOTE MODE. None Edit
2019-06-03 Tested the LI system - some problems and a -both limit switch active- event - From 21 to 23:30 UTC Mads Telescope and LI Rebooted the telescope control system through telnet to clear limit switch problem. Afterwards hexapod values were not set correctly. None Edit
2019-05-26 No observations were done because of software failure Mads None With the new fibre observations a module in a script was not loaded correctly because it was the monitor who started the scheduler and the monitor were not restarted since long ago. None Edit
2019-05-24 Fibre script testing from 21:30 to 23 UTC Mads None Tested a test script for automatic observations using the fibre None Edit
2019-05-17 Software startup missing after power failure Mads Servers slit guider was not started automatically and needed manual start on sstenerife as obs None Edit
2019-05-13 Visitors Mads and Frank None Susanne, Philip, Frank and Mads Show Edit
2019-05-13 Fibre unit installation continued Frank and Mads All Fibre unit in nasmyth and on PST adjusted and tested. Also tests on the blue spectrograph None Edit
2019-05-12 Fibre unit installation continued Frank and Mads All Installation of unit in nasmyth None Edit
2019-05-11 Fibre unit installation continued Frank and Mads All None Edit
2019-05-10 Installation of new fibre unit started Frank and Mads Spectrograph Unmounted parts of the PST and mounted the new motor slide for the fibre feeder. None Edit
2019-05-10 Visitors Mads, Frank, Pere, Sergio and Sylvain None Sergio Simón-Díaz, Pere Palle, Sylvain Bretton and Frank Grundahl Show Edit
2019-05-07 Software was failing at acquisition Mads Spectrograph The new pst module made for the new fibre-slide had to be corrected a bit and updated on sstenerife as well as hw for the slit guider. Problem solved after a while None Edit
2019-05-03 Problem pointing to objects above 80 degrees in altitude Mads, Peter Aniol and Michael Ruder Telescope Peter and Michael was on site and checked the telescope. They found the problem to be a defect leg og the hexapod. None Edit
2019-04-26 Running low on disk space on scratch Mads Servers Deletede skycam1 images on site after checking for backup on the server in Aarhus. Now 790 GB free disk space on scratch. None Edit
2019-04-17 Mechanical visit (only visual) in dome, and operation inspection is OK. Iginio, Dionicio, Antonio P. Dome None Edit
2019-04-14 Observing with eShel Nicholas Jannsen Telescope 3 targets was observed at around 02.50 - 04.10 UTC None Edit
2019-04-09 Focus was not adjusted correctly during night Mads and Frank Spectrograph Setting manually was working for a while but with time it got bad again. Will try to reset the guide camera. None Edit
2019-03-20 Visit profesor RockStar Eramus Project (denmark&Norwegian) https://www.narom.no/nyheter/rockstar-enhancing-stem-education-between-countries/ Antonio, Pere, Darwich and a group of then professors Telescope, Spectrogrs\aph Visit to container and dome None Edit
2019-03-11 Early moning power failure Mads Telescope Sporadic power failure made the telescope report errors which had to be cleared and the telescope was powered off manually. The monitor started everything up afterwards again. None Edit
2019-01-26 Disks running full Mads Servers Removed a lot of data on /scratch/. Now 1.9 TB free disk space None Edit
2019-01-23 ThAr light bulb was bad since the 17th og January Antonio, Frank and Mads Spectrograph The ThAr light bulb was changed with a new one None Edit
2019-01-18 Ice Mads Dome Ice on dome seen on web cams and we kept closed for safety None Edit
2019-01-18 Number of ThAr lines found decreased rapidly indication a bad light bulb Frank, Antonio and Mads Spectrograph Antonio changed the ThAr light bulb to a new one which helped. Show Edit
2019-01-14 During Denmarks victory vs Saudi Arabia (34-22) in the Handball world cup some tests and a new pointing model was made Mads Telescope Tested the altitude problem in the other nasmyth (LuckyCam side) and the effect is also present there. Afterwards a new pointing model was made using 30 stars. Result: 1.02" RMS. Not perfect but hopefully better. None Edit
2019-01-13 Pointing model seems off by too much Mads Telescope From 2 UTC we did not acquire many targets. In the morning I manually set offsets in ZD to -25 and we acquired the targets again. Guess it is time for a new pointing model... Attached is the ZD offsets during the night. Show Edit
2019-01-08 Cleaning of M1 IAC's Instr. Maintenance Team and Lucia Telescope Standard cleaning (washing) of the SONG primary mirror None Edit
2019-01-06 Telescope continued to be pointed away from target Mads Spectrograph Finally the problem was solved. The implementation of the slit location was some times failing setting the slit offsets to 99... This should now be fixed. None Edit
2019-01-03 Failure in command to telescope made observations stop Mads Software God does not want us to observe Procyon... A failing command to the telescope (never happened before) made the obs scrip hang. None Edit
2018-12-28 No observations from 00:45 UTC Mads Servers Servers at Central had problems and the conductor did not insert new observations and was hanging. None Edit
2018-12-21 Problem guiding on the stars. telescope would move away from star right after acquisition Mads and Frank Telescope and guiders Tried many things but nothing worked. It seems to be a problem with the M8 piezo controller but not sure. None Edit
2018-12-17 Remote observations of the Moon Mads none Remote observations of the Moon as preparations for lunar eclipse observations in January. Show Edit
2018-12-03 Public outreach from 19:30 - 20:00 UTC Mads None Stopped observations and did some remote observations using SkyCam2 None Edit
2018-12-02 slit guider was moving target out of FOV affecting: HIP 10654 and HD 19438 Mads guiders Restarted the slit guider on sstenerife as obs None Edit
2018-11-26 Public outreach from 19:30 - 20:10 UTC Mads none Stopped observations and did some remote observations using SkyCam2 None Edit
2018-11-24 Telescope did not startup correctly at 3 UTC. The valve in the new compressor was not opened and the telescope raised and "pressure not reached" error at startup. None Edit
2018-11-24 compressor and Pipe( manguera) Antonio P. And Anyi Telescope The air compressor was changed and, (10 Mt of pipe with incorporated terminals, new LeroyMerlin) Show Edit
2018-11-24 compressor and Pipe( manguera) Antonio P. And Anyi Telescope The air compressor was changed and, (10 Mt of pipe with incorporated terminals, new LeroyMerlin) Show Edit
2018-11-04 Observations did not start correctly at sunset Mads, Frank Computers Frank tried to get things working... Mads saved him. The problem: slit-guider hanging -- rebooted from sstenerife ... NOT from hw anymore ... None Edit
2018-11-02 Not observing early and after too high wind Mads Telescope Wind speed was above 10 m/s and coming from east. Early I powered on and moved the telescope away from wind and opend the dome. Later it happened again and the monitor waited until wind from east was below 10 m/s None Edit
2018-10-30 pointing problem above 81 degrees in altitude Mads Telescope Tested the pointing model and mecanics by tracking a star blindly from below the 81 to above. SkyCam images whould show if the telescope it self was moving but it did not. Weather turned bad around the time when it was interesting. Show Edit
2018-10-28 Opened the PST Mads and Frank Spectrograph The PST was opened to measure for a new motor-slide for fibres Show Edit
2018-10-26 Visitors Mads Spectrograph SONG workshop 2018 Show Edit
2018-10-25 GPS error at startup from 23 to 4:45 UTC Mads GPS Moved the telescope manually and restarted the monitor. None Edit
2018-10-16 Did observations with SkyCam2 from 20 to 21 UTC Mads none acquired images of the Eagle Nebula... The Moon was close. None Edit
2018-10-14 Did observations with SkyCam2 from 20 to 22 UTC Mads none acquired images of the Eagle Nebula... The Moon was very close. None Edit
1970-01-01 Washing of the primary mirror IAC's Instr. Maintenance Team and Lucia Telescope Routine washing & cleaning of the SONG primary mirror None Edit